Plexus Game was founded in Turkey in 2018 by Akif Akdemir. Plexus has been providing CGI services to large and medium-sized brands as Plexus Design since 2012. As Plexus Game, we have completely turned our target to the gaming industry since 2018.

We produce video games and game assets. We provide game assets to dozens of countries and hundreds of developers and studios. We aim to provide players with different experiences and create different products. We develop our video games with Unreal Engine. We believe in the future vision and support of Unreal Engine. Our team consists of professionals.


We provide game assets to dozens of countries, hundreds of developers and game studios.

Our Game Assets are available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace Store and our own Plexus Game store.

We make sure that our assets are unique and of high quality. We offer features beyond the standards. Our support team works in close contact with the developers for our game assets.

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